Orkney Marine Mammal Research Initiative


Working to protect marine mammals through research and education

Orkney's marine mammals... often out of sight but never forgotten


OMMRI is a marine conservation charity. We work with our local Orkney community to ensure marine mammals are valued and given the protection they deserve whilst in Orkney waters.

As a locally based grassroots organisation, we undertake research and collate data relating to marine mammals within Orkney, in partnership with Orkney residents and national organisations, to encourage a culture of stewardship that utilises an evidence based approach to protect Orkney’s marine mammals.

Marine mammals are present year-round in Orkney waters. Despite this and a public appetite to know more about the marine life in our seas, little is known about residency patterns and abundance levels of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) and pinnipeds and the impact of localised anthropogenic (caused by human activity) pressures on these.

Conservation through research and education

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