Orkney Marine Mammal Research Initiative (SCIO)

Virtual Fundraising

We all know things are a little different right now. Here at OMMRI we have some amazing plans lined up for the next few years and whilst most of these plans are ‘paused’ right now, they won’t be forever. Every penny you raise will help our research, ensuring protection for marine mammals within Orkney.

So, if lockdown has been getting you down, what are you waiting for!? Set yourself a virtual challenge and get fundraising today, to ensure that our marine mammals have a better tomorrow.

Our top 5 virtual challenges

Cycle for Cetaceans: Set yourself a target, spread the word and then get on your bike and pedal!

Quiz Nights: Ok, so we’re all probably a little fed up of virtual meetings and quizzes by now but breath new life into your next family/group gathering and raise money at the same time. Charge a small fee and split the money: 50% to the winner and 50% to OMMRI.

Birthday Fundraiser: Still not used last all of last year’s gifts? Why not set up a birthday fundraiser using facebook this year...  

Share your Knowledge: Are you an expert baker, have a knack for photography or a tongue for languages? Why not offer an online tutorial in return for a donation to OMMRI? Not only will you help others learn new skills or try a new experience but you’re likely to learn some new skills too.

Walking for Whales: All of that sound a little too much, then why not ask people to sponsor you to walk? Whether you set yourself a target of a marathon in a month, take part in the couch to 5km challenge or set a challenge of 100 miles, slip on your trainers, grab a waterproof and make the most of your daily exercise.